05 Dec 2014

A Moment to Just Be

By simplifying our lives and living by our own standards, I believe we will move much more rapidly toward our goals and see ourselves living the life we’ve always wanted.

05 Dec 2014
Here we are…December is upon us and we are steadily rolling down that icy road toward the finale of 2014. What a full year it’s been, too. Our diverse and expansive world has seen the continuation of long-standing conflicts, the creation of incredible new technologies, the birth of over one hundred million new lives and death of nearly half that. We’ve celebrated many victories and advances in medicine, education and equality and also watched as atrocities and injustices have taken place at home and far away.  All the while, this is happening and we’re all still here trying our best to exist and excel as individuals and to create a world that will provide for us our needs and sustain the needs of generations to come…all while trying to have a little fun.
It’s so easy to get caught up in the daily hustle and to let a week go by without taking any time to just be. We start each day with an idea of what to expect and by the time we collapse into bed that night, we’ve met new people, (hopefully) gained some knowledge and reincorced the truth that we are all part of a much bigger picture. If we don’t make a conscious effort to remain in touch with ourselves, we can find ourselves swept up in the currents we create. We have pressure from all angles to be creating, expanding, analyzing, social-networking, dieting, giving, spending. We live fully in the present, constantly evolving along with shifting norms, and trying not to allow ourselves to lose that sense of exploration and spontaneity that begs to have its collar loosened.
Of all of the practices you can add to your daily routine to try to reduce stress – to be more productive, more positive, more successful – we can’t undervalue the importance of having a healthy internal balance within. I was recently asked during one of my Healthy Habits workshops: “How do I know when I’m on the right track? How can I tell when my life is in balance?” It’s sometimes hard to tell an individual what will work for them specifically or to clearly see when they have taken the right step for themselves and their life, so my answer was simple: “You might not always know right away if you’re on the right track, but you’ll know when you’re on the wrong one.” By that I mean that we know when we’re out of balance and when we’re not doing what we need to do to bring ourselves back to center.
We are constantly changing – what makes us happy today might not do much for us tomorrow. We adapt and grow with our surroundings. Our goals and ambitions change with us, as do the causes we are passionate about and the role we see ourselves playing in the bigger picture.
Andrea Haupts, founder of MyFearlessBlog, recently wrote in the Huffington Post:
“The only standards for success in life should be the ones we set by ourselves. After all, it’s on us to fulfill them. We think we can have it all — fame, money and a millionaire lifestyle — but we will never feel satisfied if this is not our ideal in the first place.”
By simplifying our lives and living by our own standards, I believe we will move much more rapidly toward our goals and see ourselves living the life we’ve always wanted.
As the new year approaches, let’s all make a pledge to take more time to ourselves, to evaluate our ambitions and and to be thankful for all of our many blessings. Love to all.
Quote by Martin Luther King
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